Commissioner Daniel: In her own words...

Dear Dallas County Citizens,

I appreciate that you have taken an interest in my re-election campaign. I am dedicated to my office because I care about Dallas County and my district. I have the leadership qualities, the solid experience and the integrity to serve you with distinction.

Serving as a Commissioner requires insight, excellent management skills, and the ability to build coalitions. Every day, my fellow Commissioners and I are concerned with the best use of Dallas County's $900 million annual budget. It is our job to use resources wisely to provide services to citizens.

I have demonstrated leadership and management skills throughout my career and in my community work. Community service has always been at the center of my life, and I understand how local government impacts the lives of citizens, from healthcare and public safety, to fair elections, transportation and economic development.


I have insight because I have worked in Dallas County and in my district for many, many years in neighborhood associations and community organizations. I have developed relationships with diverse groups throughout the county and in my district, and I have and will continue to listen to the needs of our citizens.


I have developed solid management skills during my tenure on the Commissioners Court and from my prior career experience. I was fortunate to pursue higher degrees in public policy, ending with a Ph.D. in public policy and administration, and I put my knowledge to work as a management professional for the Dallas Independent School District for many years. I also shared my knowledge with students as a professor at the University of Texas at Arlington.


I am able to build coalitions because working in groups is part of the fabric of my life, whether on the job or working as a volunteer or board member with the many community groups I have been involved with over the years. As you may know, District 1 is a coalition district, with wide demographic diversity. It is a district that needs a leader who can work with everyone, bring a strong unified voice to the table, and represent good, practical ideas for the citizens of Dallas County.


My priorities are simple: 1) honesty, transparency and accountability; 2) support of critical public services; 3) efficient operations and balanced budgets; and 4) no-nonsense oversight of county resources.

I am honored to serve you, and with your support, I look forward to serving you as Dallas County Commissioner for another term.


Commissioner Dr. Theresa Daniel

Democrat, District 1